Graham Widdowson

Its with a heavy heart and great sadness, I write to the West of Scotland Squash league to say that our friend, team mate, father and grandfather, Graham Widdowson aka Widdy, has suddenly and unexpectedly passed away.
A keen runner, squash and badminton player. He loved his sport from half marathons, American football to Leeds United we all have our foibles I suppose.
He has been a stalwart of our team for over 30 years. Renown for not entering a court from the end of one season to the start of the next. Moving to the darkside, preferring to play badminton during the summer. Hard to mark and even tougher to beat. I should know having been on the end of many a battering. It was my fault he wore safety glasses, having nearly taken his eye out all those years ago. He enjoyed the post match prandial especially when Guinness was on tap. Thank you to all those opposition teams and I apologise on his behalf for any major bar bills.
Not one for sentiment the last thing he said to me was “just get on with it, get stuck in”. Little would phase him under pressure. Once on the court he never gave up not like someone not too far away with a paper cut or pulled calf. Now he is with the ultimate umpire probably looking down at us and laughing struggling with the squash points system which makes the Duckworth-Lewis method look like child’s play.
Survived by his much loved wife Anna to which we send a big team hug. Heartfelt wishes also to his youngsters Scott, Ross and Nicole and if you have half his grit and determination you will go far.
For anyone wishing to join in paying their respects to Graham his funeral is on Thursday 29th of November at 3pm at Linn Crematorium (near Castlemilk).

The squash family
Strathaven @ Hamilton

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