Important & Urgent Warning

May I remind all club captains of the warning issued at this time last year which is still visible at the bottom of the Leagues page.

The matters raised then are still very relevant so please take note of the following slightly revised edition.

To all Club and Team Contacts in West Squash Leagues

Important and Urgent Warning

There have been a significant number of occasions when the following have been found:-
a) players not playing in correct order – either too high or too low;
b) players missing from teams when there is a lower team playing a full squad;
c) players dropping down to play in a lower team when their team has no match.

As of now 30/10/09, you may expect penalties to be applied.

We know all the difficulties in organising teams – late call offs, can’t play away from home,
etc., etc. and we do have sympathy, particularly with team captains. However to be fair to
all, everyone must play by the rules.

In your own interest get yourselves properly organised.
Make sure everyone has the full contact details for the other members of your club.
Nos. 1 & 2 must expect and be prepared to step up a team to cover call-offs even at the
last moment and even if it disturbs your travel arrangements.

‘No shows’ are likely to penalise your team and also all lower teams in your club who are
effectively being strengthened by not shuffling up.

If your team has no match you must still be able to nominate 5 players who would
normally have played for that team on that night.

Play Fair and Be Warned!

Iain Shaw
League Secretary (Disputes)