A quick league rules reminder in the run up to the season, because last year we had some disputed team selections. This year the committee will be adopting a a strict line on the league rules.

This coming season, teams should be reminded of the following league rules, in particular;


3.3 The following applies to Gents and Ladies Division 1 players only: Players who have not represented their club in the West Leagues in a minimum of 3 matches in the first half of the season are ineligible for any second half games. Any team found in contravention of this rule may be fined up to 10 points.

The league secretary has the right to waive this rule if there are any extenuating circumstances communicated to him/her (e.g. sickness, injury, relocation etc) during the season.

This means simply, that in division one, if a player hasn’t played at least three games in the first half, they CANNOT play in the second half. Unless with the prior WRITTEN consent of the West Squash committee, in which case a team would have to explain the specific circumstances for the player’s inability to play, BEFORE they actually play.


6.2 Clubs with multiple teams in the leagues must move players up to field complete teams. Lower teams will be otherwise considered to be unfairly strengthened, and will be subject to score penalties except under exceptional circumstances.

This means that you cannot only field four players in the first team, for example, in order to keep the second team strong, because they have a big match. If this happens, then the all of the lower teams will lose points.


13.1 Both teams have until 5 days to enter the scores on the Horizon website. Failure to adhere to this deadline will result in a 5 point penalty for both teams.

This will be adhered to very strictly. 


For season 2014/15 (not this coming season) there will be a new league rule:

15.1.1 There will only be allowed a maximum of two teams from one club in each of the divisions, excepting the bottom league, in which there is no limit.

The reasons for this rule are:

  • to avoid the top division being monopolised by the bigger clubs;
  • to encourage competition within clubs to play in division one

This means that if a club currently has three teams in one division then only two of the teams can stay up.

Good luck for the new season!

The committee


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