West of Scotland Squash League

West Squash organise and manage the West of Scotland Squash league, to give clubs access to competitive squash in Glasgow and the West of Scotland. It is the largest squash league in Scotland, with six open divisions and one women’s division. It has teams and players from over 25 clubs.

  • Open league matches – Wednesday, 6:45 PM.
  • Women’s league – Monday, 7:00 PM.

The leagues use the following scoring systems:-

  • The Open Division 1 will play PAR scoring to 11 and must win by 2-clear points.
  • The Open Divisions 2-6 will play PAR scoring to 15 and must win by 2-clear points.
  • The Women’s Division will play PAR scoring to 15 and must win by 2-clear points.

To view the leagues, go to SportyHQ, where you will be able to view both the open and women’s divisions, fixtures and results.

Want to enter a Team into the League?

Any club wishing to enter a team into the leagues are more than welcome!!! New teams coming in must start in the bottom league and work their way up. If interested in entering a team, please contact the League Secretary!

Team Fees

Each team in the West League costs £50 per team per season.

Squash League Rules

To view the League Rules, follow this link.


To find archived league tables, go to the League History page.

All club captains should please read the following.

As most of you will now be aware, this season the West Leagues¬†have adopted PAR scoring. Divisions 1 & 2 will play to 11, with a “2-clear” system. Divisions 3-7 will play to 15. At 14-all, the receiver may call set 1 or 3 (play to either 15 or 17).